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April 12Adventureland Park

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April 19Iowa Speedway

2015 DMVR Autocross Season

Come enjoy your vehicle and flex your car-handling muscles at our SCCA Solo events! New racers are always welcome. Show up early to walk and learn the course, discuss cars and racing lines, and practice how to handle your car at (and over!) the limit.

Autocross is one of the easiest, safest, and most popular ways to become a participant in motorsports instead of just a fan or spectator. Solo events also provide an excellent opportunity to improve your driving skills and to explore your car's performance capabilities in a controlled environment.

For classing information, check out the Official SCCA Rules or ask us on Facebook or on the forums!

8:30 AM to 10:00 AM — Tech & Registration €ƒ10:00 AM — Novice Walk
10:30 AM — Mandatory Driver's Meeting 11:00 AM — Cars on Course

2015 Autocross Events:
Reserve Your 2015 Car Number Here
April 12 — Adventureland Park — Register Here
May 2 — Oskaloosa Airport Test n' Tune — Register Here
May 3 — Oskaloosa Airport — Register Here
May 31 — Iowa Speedway — Register Here
June 21 — Iowa Events Center — Register Here
July 11 — Iowa Speedway — Register Here
August 16 — Oskaloosa Airport — Register Here
September 13 — Iowa Events Center — Register Here
October 4 — Ankeny Airport — Register Here
October 18 — Adventureland Park — Register Here

2015 DMVR PDX Season

Join us for some on-track action at our Performance Driving Experiences (PDX) at the Iowa Speedway! PDX is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to get on-track experience and proper race instruction. Prefer a little competition? We'll be hosting Club Time Trials (CTT) too! Bring whatever car you have and experience the Iowa Speedway 1.3-mile road course 30 miles east of Des Moines in Newton.

2015 DMVR PDX Events:
April 19 — Iowa Speedway — Register Here
July 12 — Iowa Speedway — Registration Pending
August 30 — Iowa Speedway — Registration Pending

What do you need?

  • A well-maintained car (tech inspection on-site)
  • A valid drivers license
  • A helmet (a limited number of loaners are available)

What do we provide?

  • Lessons on flags and on-track courtesy
  • In-car on-course instruction with experienced drivers
  • Several 20 min sessions on the Iowa Speedway road course

Registration will cost $185 for a day's worth of racing. If you'd rather be track-side, we would love your help on the corners! Register as a volunteer to learn what flagging is all about. We have a limited number of discounted spots for drivers who would like to volunteer too!

2015 DMVR Rallycross Season

Can't get enough cone action? Want to play off the tarmac? It's time for rallycross! Just like autocross, rallycross is a single car timed competition which place an emphasis on driver skill and precision. Instead of pavement, rallycross takes place on dirt and sometimes snow, leading to some extreme experiences! All you need to participate is a mechanically sound hardtop vehicle and a reasonable entry fee. We'll help tech your car to make sure it's safe and also have loaner helmets on hand. There's no more accessible way to get that rally experience!

2014-2015 DMVR Rallycross Events:
November 9 — Indianola Balloon Grounds — Results Somewhere...
March 8 — Indianola Balloon Grounds — Cancelled
August 7-9 — Indianola Balloon Grounds — Rallycross Nationals

8:30 AM to 10:00 AM — Tech & Registration €ƒ 10:00 AM — Novice Walk
10:30 AM — Driver's Meeting & Parade Lap €ƒ 11:00 AM — Cars on Course

Keep up to date about upcoming events here, on Facebook, or on the forums. For details about classing, car and driver requirements, and other technical issues, check out the Official SCCA Rallycross Rules.

Upcoming DMVR Meetings

Interested in getting more involved in the club? Have suggestions to improve our future events? Just want a chance to hang out with a bunch of car guys? Come join us at our Monthly Membership Meetings held the first Tuesday of every month!

Dinner starts at 6:30 PM with business following at 7:30 PM.

2015 Meeting Locations:
January 6 — Tavern II
February 3 — Smokey D's
March 3 — MB2 Raceway Grimes
April 7 — Tavern II
May 5 — Smokey D's

See you on course!